Greece - Video News

Greece - Video News

The government of Prime Minister George Papandreou received, in the early hors of Wednesday, a vote of confidence, at the end of a three-day debate that began last Sunday. 155 ruling PASOK deputies voted for, while 143 deputies of the opposition parties voted against. 298 deputies out the 300-member House took part in the vote.
Papandreou announced last Wednesday his intention to ask for a vote of confidence in Parliament. Last Friday he proceeded with a reshuffle of his government.

Addressing Parliament late on Tuesday night, Papandreou reiterated his call for national consensus for the country's exit from the present economic crisis, saying his was asking for a vote of confidence to his government in order to "continue the national struggle for the country's salvation and reconstruction."

He said he was asking a renewal of the vote of confidence "with the clear patriotic target to handle the country's public debt, to avoid the country's default and to guarantee that Greece remains in the European Union's hard core."

The prime minister also insisted on consensus and on a broader alliance of political forces inviting all parties and mainly the main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader to help in the effort for the salvation of the country without taking into consideration any political cost.

"It is a difficult task. But it can give birth to a new Greece... It is a unique opportunity," Papandreou added.

"The government sought and is still seeking broader consensus. I congratulate those forces which had the courage to vote responsible in favour of the memorandum," the premier also noted.

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